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Ancient Cooking Tools

Ancient Cooking Tools

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Its a family tradition to up-cycle, repurpose and create new functional objects out of simple but valuable materials.

Using these tools in your daily life is a journey of a mind travel on its own. I carve these tools out of 400 -1500 year old Olive trees from the coasts of Mediterranean Sea. Imagine where that tree was, what was around it all those years. Ancient civilizations lived in these lands, and harvested from these trees, think about that. The life of a old olive tree may have come to an end but its living in our hands with lots of stories embedded in it.


N690 Stainless Steel Blade + Stabilized Pinar handle + Green micarta + red liner


7" Blade

Care Instructions

Always handwash and dry. Apply wood conditioning oil to feed the wood and to keep its beauty intact.

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