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4" Mini Chef's Knife w/ Maple Burl Handle

4" Mini Chef's Knife w/ Maple Burl Handle

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Custom made hand-crafted Gyto Mini Chef's knife. Hardened N690 stainless steel and stabilized hand sculpted handle. Made and Designed in Los Angeles, CA

A Gyuto (also spelled as "Gyutou") is a versatile and widely-used Japanese chef's knife with a specific function in the kitchen. It's a hybrid knife that combines the features of a Western chef's knife and a traditional Japanese vegetable cleaver.


  1. All-Purpose Cutting: The Gyuto is designed to handle a wide range of kitchen tasks, making it an all-purpose knife for professional chefs and home cooks. From slicing and dicing vegetables to cutting meat and fish, it excels in various cutting techniques.

  2. Sharp Blade: The Gyuto's blade is typically lightweight, and exceptionally sharp. This allows for precise and clean cuts, reducing food bruising and maximizing the flavor and aesthetics of the ingredients.

  3. Rocking Motion: Similar to Western chef's knives, the Gyuto's curved belly enables a gentle rocking motion while cutting, facilitating efficient chopping and mincing.

  4. Versatile Blade Length: Gyuto knives come in various blade lengths, usually ranging from 4Β to 10 inches (20 to 25 centimeters). This versatility allows cooks to choose a size that best suits their cutting style and the types of ingredients they work with.

  5. Multi-Functional: The Gyuto can be used for both boneless proteins and vegetables, making it an excellent choice for tasks that might require switching between different knives.

  6. Quality Materials: Traditional Japanese Gyuto knives are often made with high-quality stainless or carbon steel, providing excellent edge retention and ease of sharpening.

  7. Professional and Home Use: While initially popular among professional chefs, the Gyuto has gained popularity among home cooks due to its ease of use and versatility.


N690 Stainless Steel Blade + Stabilized Teal Green Maple Burl


4" Blade / Overall 9"

Care Instructions

Always handwash and dry. Apply wood conditioning oil to feed the wood and to keep its beauty intact.

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